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Bicycle Friendly Workplace Consultant, San Francisco, CA

We design and implement bicycle friendly workplace solutions to help you attract and retain top talent and improve your triple bottom line.  We provide robust safety oriented solutions for firms of any size. 

Custom workplace solutions can include:

  • Bicycle infrastructure and facility design

  • Insurance, safety and security solutions

  • Custom branded bike fleets

  • Customized cycling education curriculum and classes

  • Bicycle Friendly Workplace policy design

  • On or offsite events and team-buillding experiences


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Trending Now:

Foro Mundial de la Bicicleta 7 or World Bike Forum 7 will be held in Lima, Peru

February 22, 2018

World Bike Forum is celebrating it's 7th year as the premier gathering for international bicycle advocacy and bicycle planning!  Visit for more info soon.

Velo-City 2018: Access to Life, Rio De Janeiro

January 01, 2020

Rio will host Velo-city 2018- the annual global cycling summit.

After the 2014 World Cup and the Rio 2016 Games, the Wonderful City is ready to host the annual global cycling summit that will discuss the presence and development of urban mobility in cities.

With over 450 kilometers of cycling network, Rio will open its arms to welcome cyclists, tourists and entrepreneurs interested in further promoting cycling in the country and in the world.

Polis: transport innovation for sustainable cities

December 06, 2017

This year's Annual Polis Conference on "Transport innovation for sustainable cities and regions" will take place on 6 and 7 December 2017 in Brussels. Click on the link for more info.

Transportation Research Arena: Transportation Innovations in the Digital Era

April 16, 2018

TRA 2018 is an arena for researchers, companies and public authorities active in the field of transport. It welcomes policy makers and stakeholders framing research and transport policy. Together they will share and discuss new ideas, research results, technological solutions and new business models. Together they will experience and shape the future of transport and mobility for people and goods.
Key focus areas will be:

  • How digitization is transforming transport & mobility systems

  • Decarbonisation & future growth – how to change our mobility system & remain competitive

  • Shaping the new mobility landscape – a vision for transport & mobility for Europe

The TRA 2018 programme includes a range of different session formats that will offer ample opportunity to share information on recent findings and to discuss the aforementioned challenges and opportunities. In scientific and technical sessions, a broad spectrum of research and innovation activities will be discussed, ranging from basic research findings over application-oriented engineering and socio-economic aspects to policies and standards.

Velo-City June 13-16, 2017

June 13, 2017

"You can take the bike anywhere; the bike can take you anywhere.  Two terms, two images that are inextricably linked with each other! The Dutch really enjoy cycling. Most Dutch people (84%) own one or sometimes more bicycles. Of the 17 million inhabitants in the Netherlands, 13.5 million are cyclists and they own 22.3 million bicycles in total! There is no other similarly affluent country in the world where bicycles are used so intensively!" -Velo-city 2017

Reinvencion Urbana, The 6th Urban Reinvention International Conference, Chile

June 20, 2017

The city is no longer considered the simple result of the sum of individual buildings, on the contrary for several decades there has been a strong current of reassessment of public spaces as the fundamental epicenter of the city and urban life. In this sense, in recent years there has been a growing interest in addressing the problem of public spaces - in their broadest definition - as key places in the development of a city, with the potential to trigger reinvention processes and reverse situations of segregation and urban inequality.

La ciudad ya no es considerada como el simple resultado de la sumatoria de edificaciones individuales, por el contrario desde hace varias décadas se inició una fuerte corriente de revalorización de los espacios públicos como el soporte fundamental de la ciudad y la vida urbana. En este sentido en los últimos años se ha visto un creciente interés en abordar la problemática de los espacios públicos –en su definición más amplia- como lugares claves en el desarrollo de una ciudad, con el potencial de gatillar procesos de regeneración y de revertir situaciones de segregación y desigualdad urbana.

National Bike Challenge May 1st through September 30th

September 30, 2017

Join the National Bike Challenge as a workplace team, as an individual, as a school or institution, or as a community.  You can win prizes and help prove that bikes belong in our communities.

Climate Ride Central Coast California

June 09, 2017

San Francisco to San Luis Obispo

June 9-13, 2017

Over five days, we'll ride from San Francisco to San Luis Obispo, including Santa Cruz, Monterey, Carmel Valley, Paso Robles Wine growing region and Morro Bay.

30 Days of Biking April 1-30 2017

April 01, 2017

Take the pledge! "30 Days of Biking is a pledge to ride your bike every day in April and share your adventures online with the hashtag #30daysofbiking. There’s no minimum distance — just get out there and pedal at least once a day, then tell us about your adventures. And yep, spin class counts!" -30 Days of Biking

Bike to Work Day May 11, 2017

May 11, 2017

Join us in celebrating the biggest bicycle commute day of the year!  Whether you are hosting an energizer station or an onsite celebration Bike Curious SF will help you prepare. Bike to work day is May 11, 2017 so mark your calendars and start planning.  Join us for tons of free giveaways, social group rides, networking, connecting and mostly just having a great time on a bike.

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