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Hospitality Services


Bike amenities for hotels, lodges and inns are a fantastic way to enhance guest experience, increase positive reviews and boost search ranking on top travel sites.  Bike riding is a low impact, fun and invigorating activity that does not require perfect physical prowess so anyone can enjoy a bike ride, from 8 to 88+ years old.

Bike friendly hospitality
Bicycle Concierge
Bike Consultant
Rental Fleet:

A loaner bike or rental fleet is a great way for guests to be active, stay healthy, explore nearby destinations, meet locals and enhance their vacation.  Bike rentals are a great way to sell upgrades like gourmet picnics, e-bike rentals and more->>

Guided Tours:


Guided tours are a great way to show off the best of your surroundings.  Tours offer opportunities to sell packages such as picnics, wedding proposals, birthday or anniversary celebrations in addition to a standard set of easy, moderate, or long tour options.  Partnerships with nearby destinations can be enhanced by offering increased discounts for guests arriving by bike.  More->>

Onsite Bike Shop:


We will get you rolling with all of the essential insurance, shop requirements, supplies, bike parking infrastructure, insurance, policies, and events.  More->>

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