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Infrastructure Design

Bikes Drive Business:  Embrace bicycles as part of a multimodal transportation solution, curated amenity, rental or loaner program and an opportunity to expand the capabilities of your brand.

 Whether you are looking to improve onsite bicycle parking, launch a loaner bike pilot program, inaugurate a new fleet, build an onsite bike shop or design a customized private fleet; we can help guide you through the steps to design, build and operate bicycle amenities.  Bicycle transportation options are a great way to increase the offerings of a comprehensive multimodal transportation policy.  Investing in a Bike Firendly Workplace program can help relieve parking strains, increase your presence in the surrounding communities, highlight commitment to CSR and increase LEED certifications status.  Having the right bicycle related amenities in the correct places will ensure they are used, and useful, for everyone. 


Bicycle Friendly Workplace Consultant San Francisco
Ian Heimlich
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Ian is a bicycle solutions specialist who has been focused on the San Francisco Bay Area for over a decade.  Clients include medium to large businesses, bike shops, tour and travel companies as well as private clients.  He specializes in a wide range of bicycle related consulting services.




(415) 652-2481

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